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Guidance from the wildlife and veterinary authorities as well as the local municipalities was critical in our decision to move forward with our land purchase last year.  Our attention has now turned to licencing, and we are so very grateful for the support of our government partners as we navigate the process. There are so many angles to consider given that Pangea is such a unique and large-scale initiative - from elephant-keeping through to construction, access routes, and water usage.   

Last month, Presidente João Grilo of Alandroal kindly co-hosted a very productive and insightful inter-agency workshop with Presidente Inacio Esperança of Vila Viçosa.  It was attended by the presidents and vice presidents of the regional environmental, tourist, and sustainable development authorities, all of whom were very supportive.  We also shared our progress on our Environmental Impact Assessment and discussed opportunities to help maximise our project impact in the region.  We look forward to collaborating with our government partners in the coming months and years and thank them all for their encouragement. 


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