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After the tremendous progress made on plans last quarter, the site development taskforce have had their heads down working on fence and barn designs, confirming the necessary surveys, and debating access routes.

Our site development taskforce was recently joined by local veterinarian, Luis Simao, and renowned French veterinarian, Dr Florence Ollivet Courtois, to work through some of the finer details of the elephant facilities. Florence has a wealth of experience with elephants, zoos, circuses, and sanctuaries, and has won a number of awards for her work.

Above left: Dr Florence Ollivet Courtois is pictured here at Pangea with local veterinarian, Dr Luís Simão, construction advisor, Carlos Rosales, and Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr Rob Atkinson.

Above right: the dams have filled up nicely thanks to this season’s rains.

Meanwhile, our lead Construction Advisor, Steve Hinde, has been putting in substantial hours to finesse the fence designs and identify the best suppliers. We are very grateful for his support, which he has kindly provided pro bono.

The Environmental Impact Assessment is also progressing well thanks to the work of Strix, which is critical for the preparation of licence applications and ensuring that any development is carried out in the most ecologically sensitive manner.

Thanks to this season’s rains, our dams are full to the brim. Watch this short clip for a glimpse of soon-to-be paradise for Europe’s elephants in need.


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