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Could you donate to a specific project or fundraising goal?

Your support would be transformative . 


WYou have the unique opportunity to join us at such a formative time, to help us reach the With your help we can forge forwards with our development plans on site in Portugal to ready the land for our first elephant residents. We're dedicated to providing a solution to help zoos and circuses elephant keepers looking to retire their elephants, and you can help us.

If you would like to fund a specific item we need to purchase or donate towards a specific part of this project, please get in touch - we would love to hear from you.

Email our Managing Director Kate Moore for more information:

How your support will help

Completing a ground breaking project takes support from generous, philanthropic individuals who want to cultivate positive change and shape a different future for elephants. Your donation will decrease our fundraising timeline and increase the speed we can move to open our sanctuary.

Thank you so much for your support.

I’m the lucky one to participate and to learn. It’s fantastic being part of this project that has the potential to positively shift the way elephants are treated and to pass this understanding onto the next generation. Hopefully, we won’t need Pangea in generations to come – that’s the ultimate goal.

Anonymous philanthropic donor

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