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We are thrilled to announce that the governing districts have declared their ‘in-principle’ support - yet another critical step moving us ever closer to finalising our land acquisition.

The Portuguese national and regional wildlife authorities were fully consulted throughout the site selection process and their feedback has proved invaluable. The environmental impact assessment is now underway in line with their guidance to support the licence applications for construction and other operations.

The mayors of the two governing districts of Alandroal and Vila Vicosa have subsequently confirmed their backing.

Presidente João Grilo of the municipality of Alandroal, said, "Pangea’s vision is inspiring and their team are professional in their approach. We appreciate their commitment to restore native biodiversity to the site, balanced alongside the need of elephants who themselves deserve a good life. The initiative will also help to stimulate a nature-based local economy and will undoubtedly be a source of pride for our local community. We look forward to welcoming Pangea and its resident elephants to Alandroal."

In his statement, Presidente Inácio Esperança of the municipality of Vila Viçosa, added, "Vila Viçosa is already well-known for its rich cultural heritage. Advancing our natural heritage is also a priority for us, and we are therefore very pleased that Pangea has chosen our region for operations, in turn providing a boost to our local economy and highlighting the value of progressive nature-based initiatives."

We very much look forward to working with both municipalities as we move ahead with the development. Thank you to all those who took part in the consultations for your enthusiasm and guidance.

Presidente Inácio Esperança of Vila Viçosa (left) and Presidente João Grilo of Alandroal (right).

The beautiful towns of Alandroal (left) and Vila Viçosa (right), both just 20 minutes drive from Pangea.


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