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The land acquisition process has been incredibly challenging. Many of the standard finance options were not available as we are a UK charity purchasing land in Europe, and an agreement was needed quickly because there was competition from other prospective buyers.

At the eleventh hour, ‘We Have The POWER’ stepped forward to guarantee an interest-free philanthropic loan. The organisation was set up by Julia Davies (picured below), an environmental campaigner, lawyer, philanthropist and ‘green innovation’ investor who uses her personal funds to enable charitable projects (including land acquisitions for nature restoration) to move forward.

She is kindly supporting our acquisition on the understanding that we will do all we can to reduce the loan from her needed at completion and then to pay back any loan she does provide as a priority. We can’t progress work on the site or rehoming elephants until the loan is repaid. Equally Julia can’t support the many projects which contact her weekly until her commitment to this project is substantially reduced.

If you think you can help us and donate towards the land, then please find out more here. Thank you so much for any support you can offer.


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