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We are thrilled to welcome Ben Goldsmith to our advisory panel. He is a financier, environmentalist and philanthropist, and joins ecologists, elephant biologists, and captive care experts to provide technical and strategic advice to management.

He said, “I couldn’t be more excited about Pangea plan to rehome circus and zoo elephants on a huge tract of wild Mediterranean habitat. Pangea’s management plans are firmly grounded in science. Not only will the welfare of the rehomed elephants be immeasurably improved, but also native wildlife will surely thrive alongside them as the ecological value of their landscape is raised by the activities of these megaherbivores. I urge you to join us in helping to turn this extraordinary initiative into reality.”

Other new members include Ron Kagan, the retired CEO of Detroit Zoo, who said, "It was thanks to the existence of large-scale sanctuaries here in the US that Detroit Zoo was able to phase out its elephant collection, and Pangea will similarly unblock a major obstacle for Europe’s zoos and circuses that want the best for their elephants."

Find out more about our advisory board here.

Ben Goldsmith Pangea Trust advisor


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