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Following 11 years of litigation, Costa Rica announced last week that it is set to close state zoos and prohibit caged wild animals.

"On Thursday, May 16, the government of Costa Rica announced the continued enforcement of the country's animal captivity ban. Two of its remaining state zoos were set to close on Friday, May 17."

Excerpt taken from Nature World News - you can read the full article here.

Stock photo below:

The Ministry of Environment and Energy (Minae) indicated that “the contract with the Fundazoo Foundation, which expires this Friday and managed the two state zoos, one in the heart of the capital and another on the outskirts of the city, will not be renewed.”

Excerpt taken from The Tico Times - read the full article here.

This is a huge milestone and illustrates the changing tide in animal keeping across the globe. We hope that the animals removed from the zoos in Costa Rica will be rehomed sensitively and to the best possible habitats where they can have an improved quality of life.

Team Pangea


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